10 Mistake in YouTube Beginners ..!!

are you frustrated because you’re making videos but you’re not getting the views or subscribers that you want?
in this Tutorial I’m gonna be talking about the ten common mistakes that new youtubers make and how to fix them
so you can get more views coming up.
So You asks what are the top 10 YouTube mistakes beginners make?

mistake number 1 is looking into the viewfinder instead of the lens so especially if you have a camera with a front-facing screen it could be tempting to just stare at yourself
whether you’re shooting in your bedroom or even you’re out vlogging but you don’t want to do that what you want to do is look directly into the lens,
because that way you’ll be actually making really eye contact with viewers yeah and a real example of this is I imagine you’re talking to your friend but they’re looking at your forehead,
how awkward that would be and that translates to video as well.
so that’s why we always tell people especially beginners to look at the lens.

mistake number 2 is spamming other people’s YouTube comments.
now I know you’ve probably seen this before and this is where people may say sub4sub and they may really heavily promote their YouTube channel on somebody else’s channel and the difference
between spamming and what we suggest which is engagement is you have conversations with people right, you vibe with people you watch other people’s videos and you leave comments right,
and you let them discover your stuff so rather than asking for the sub or visiting their channel.
you add value by engaging with their content.

mistake number 3 is bad or confusing YouTube titles
and what we see a lot of people doing is like what other youtubers are doing especially really famous ones and one of the number one things we see as a mistake
beginners youtubers make is the fact that they’re using like their channel name as a first thing in the title right or they’re saying today’s vlog or vlog 182
especially if you’re a beginner you need to be having searchable content be part of that first part of the title yeah it’s kind of like you don’t want to use insider language,
because there isn’t a bunch of insiders yet and you don’t want to have the title only makes sense to you and maybe a few friends or subscribers it should be very focused on potential audience
members that can discover your content

mistake number 4 being inconsistent it is so important to always show up at least once a week to your community you know there’s a lot of people that get all pumped up raw raw and they do ten videos
in a month and then they don’t show up for another six months it’s actually better to post up one video for ten weeks than doing the all ten in one week,
and never showing up again absolutely consistency is king on YouTube and one pro tip here is taking advantage of YouTube live in case you don’t have a weekly video to upload sometimes friends
and I will make sure that we get a Google hangout in together a YouTube live stream on a Saturday just to make sure that we always upload at least once a week.

Two quick lessons on why it’s important to be consistent number one there’s no point for your community to subscribe to you unless you’re putting up future content
second is YouTube rewards you when they know that you’re putting up content regularly

mistake number five is having a weak intro and so one of the most important parts of every YouTube video is the first five to ten seconds and so a lot of people that are starting out on YouTube
make a couple mistakes here number one they make intros that are too long don’t take
to the point you want to summarize what the entire video is about and really pitch it to the audience to create interest in the first few moments of your video,
and one power tip is to start your video with a question that’s why I might say something like are you curious about how to get more views on your video that way if you’re watching this video,
and you’re interested in that then you might want to stick around and watch the entire video.
think about how you could lead your videos with a thought-provoking question that hooks viewers into wanting to watch or

mistake number six a distracting background now this is something we see a lot of big earners doing that is just not good because it’s so simple to fix just clean up your background
you want you to be the focus right and it’s something that’s free you can just do it right before your recording and you just have to take a little thought and if you can’t clean up that space
just go to another space that’s more appealing

mistake number seven is bad a V L audio video and lighting now one of the big mistakes that you might be thinking though is oh I need a new camera then I need to go buy a bunch of expensive equipment
and that’s not what we mean here we just mean that you should be thoughtful about shooting in a quiet place so that the audio is good even if all you’re shooting on is your smartphone you can be +
thoughtful about shooting during daylight in front of a window so that the lighting is good and not shooting in a dark room because video cameras need light to perform well and then
thinking about your video quality and the cool thing is that most smartphones today shoot HD video and that there’s a lot of affordable cameras out there as well so that you can have high video quality
without breaking the bank so always think about how you can improve your AV L and one power tip here is think about your shot composition a huge mistake we see beginners making is trying to
center their faces in the frame kind of like it looks like on screen right here and so the way to fix that is bring the camera down a little bit so that your head is near the top of the frame and
that your body is filling the entire frame just a small tweak to improve your shot composition

mistake number eight is a low energy did you see that there low energy is the killer of attention right nobody wants to see something boring they want to see something exciting right and even
if they’re just searching for something to get a quick answer an exciting answer is much better than a boring answer
so that is our quick tip is to be exciting 10x your energy and that’s it in fact what we do before we do our interviews and before I do our tips videos yeah and just like they say the
camera adds 10 pounds the camera reduces your energy by
it sometimes feels like you’re exaggerating so much but what you’re actually doing is you’re just delivering the amount of energy needed to connect with people on the other side of the camera
so work on boosting your energy

mistake number 9 monetizing too early we see this with a lot of big earner youtubers where they’re turning on their ads right at the beginning for so little you know to make significant money on YouTube
from ads you have to have a lot of views so in the beginning you don’t want to distract your potential views or potential subscribers with an ad absolutely that’s why I’m
say building your influence income and impact with online video because it starts with influencer first and that’s what I recommend if you’re just starting on YouTube
build your influence first and don’t worry too much about income yet that can come later once you build your influence

mistake number 10 in patience you know the majority of youtubers that are successful had to wait a long time had to work very hard for a very long time to build their audience to be successful on YouTube
yes YouTube is really more of a marathon than it is a sprint so we encourage you don’t get discouraged keep learning keep growing keep getting better at all of the details about YouTube
keep leveling up your content and keep hustling to build your influence on YouTube question of the day what are some of the mistakes that you see beginning creators making on their channels
let us know in the comments section below and remember that some of the best tips and feedback come from you can so definitely connect with everybody in the comment section thanks so much for reading this Tutorial

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