Whatsapp can be hacked?

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Lot of my friends asked me a question, they need to know can we hack WhatsApp, we can see the lot of post and rumors around this. which has passed a very old time that can not be hacked now.  WhatApp providing security in very higher class to the present, but also the Risk conditions changed in the current period, as is currently the Whatsapp and many of our Security Today the front. The most important of security in Watsap is the end-to end encryption. In earlier times, backups were stored in our phone’s memory without any security they could easily disassemble using software like python.

But nowadays it is safe to use WhatsApp on our phone to encrypt it in order to stay tensed today as of May 5, 2019.

The key file for decrying it is that it keeps it accessible only to those with access to the memory root of the data partition on our phone. Rooting from Marshmallow (Android 6) is not a small thing, since I expect a root question if it has a root access. Google’s focus on increasing frequency of security is huge.

So it’s a bad idea to root the devices from the Android nougat 7.

In addition, if you are rooted then you will lost many more support from official sources. mobile manufacturers are also in line with Google, taking out all customer services including warranty. Because ad revenue will not be available on a chosen device.

I did not say that anyone who believes whatsapp is 100% safe in this age, can not deny the possibility of misuse of the Whatsapp Web feature when we give someone else’s hands to someone else’s hands.

He can keep scanned it on his phone or computer, he can saw our chats, photo, video, audio and everything that we see in our app. and also he can save it.

So once you have the phone delivered in your hands, take a look at the WhatsApp menu called Whatsapp Web. Whatsapp is safe if you see the camera in it. If you have a Windows-like widget that will replace it, give it a logout from an all-purpose device. Or someone may see your chats.

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