What is a Custom ROM

we get on Android everyday wait today we’re gonna go ahead and talk about what are custom roms and so why should you install them

A custom ROM is a modified Android operating system that you can install on your Android device.
That open-source developers have developed with a bunch of new features.
Think of it as changing paint on your rice beater or perhaps upgrading your wheels to 21 inch rims
or perhaps even putting a Corvette engine in it so what kind of features can custom roms bring you?

Let’s go find out uh-huh

first let’s go ahead and talk about Wi-Fi tethering and portable hotspot a u.s. carriers like AT&T t-mobile Sprint Verizon like to charge you
twice for the same internet you already pay for now with custom roms such as the one I’ve installed on my verizon note 2 here a portable Wi-Fi hotspot works out
of box this means you do not have to pay that extra $20 monthly tethering charges
it should be illegal for carriers to charge you for that next

let’s go ahead and talk about OTA updates

OTA stands for over-the-air updates these are system updates provided by your manufacturers a carriers to update your phone to the latest system.
now I’ve got my Lenovo K8 Note here and the OTA update for Android 8.0 just came out last week and a lot of people who were not rooted who did not install custom roms they were still waiting
In them I still be waiting right now where as I got it the day it came out with a custom ROM all I did was install an Android 7.0 custom ROM on my nexus 4 and I got it the same day was pushed out
and I remember a bunch of people tweeted me boots I’m still waiting for their Android 8.0 update and I was like you’re still waiting and sometimes when your phone gets old like the Galaxy S 2
right here Samsung stops updating on your Android operating system but I’ve got Android problem solved

next let’s talk about bloatware removal

don’t you hate all that crappy bloatware that comes with your Official Or stock ROM whatever well you can install a customer hung with every blow where imaginable
of removes such and some of these custom roms even offer on the aroma graphical installer that allows you to remove the apps you don’t want and keep the ones.
you want probably the coolest thing you can do with

custom roms is change the whole operating system for example you don’t like the TouchWiz on your Galaxy s4 maybe you don’t like these Sense UI on the HTC one
well you can go ahead and grab the Google Play edition drum and install them on your phone and turn them into total Google pure devices
in fact you can even install non Android operating systems such as Ubuntu edge mobile operating system performance and battery life
do you know that you can get better performance on your phone just like putting better parts on your car
well you can do that most custom roms offer better performance no lag out of the box and also you can even overclock your phone to 1.9 gigahertz
if you want custom roms also offer better battery life for your phone by better managing stuff on your phone such as Wi-Fi scanning time
I’ll remove bloatware or you can even use you know CPU apps to underclock undervolt your phone which can give you possibly 20 to
of having the same Galaxy s4 as the guy next to you
or perhaps your coworker well with custom roads you can change the whole look on your phone by installing a custom ROM that come with a bunch of themes
you can change the theme also you can get roms like my UI ROM which allows you to turn your phone even into an iPhone or HTC or you know Windows Phone whatever you want
and with customers you can even change stuff like your battery icon and a battery bar you know move the clock from the right to the center even customize the carrier name to jio fro Airtel and Android
all that good stuff you can do with custom roms
custom roms also offer cool shortcut mods such as this one when my screen is off I can hold down the volume up on here and it will activate the flashlight for 15 seconds
and that’s not oh there’s a volume skip not there’s a bunch of different mods or even swipe to wake
a bunch of cool mods that come with custom roms now I hope you understand some of the stuff you can do with custom roms and why you should install custom roms on your Android smartphone or tablet
if you agree with me and you’ve already installed a custom ROM on your phone getting better performance battery life with all of the cool features don’t forget to Share my Post with your friends on Twitter Facebook or Google+
so you can help me educate the world about custom roms and as always staying on Android

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