Mobile Causes Cancer ? What Is the Fact ?

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Many people have a suspicion that the use of smartphone often causes cancer-like diseases. Some of us have doubts about whether we put the phone in our chamber, put it into the pocket, lying on the breast and doing something that will result in radiation, or some other disease. Whatever the case is true,

According to studies done so far
Every child knows what radiation goes out of the phones. But it is doubtful whether it is for cancer alone. This is the reason behind the succession of phones and radiation that can cause our body to be affected. However, studies say that a phone radiation is not only capable of producing cancer.
What is the reason
There are no significant cancer reports in the country that are currently being used with the use of the phone. Moreover, even in scientific research, the radio emissions emitted by mobile phones are not solely to eliminate human DNA. But in spite of this, the radiation that comes out of the phone has a measure and some of its standards. That’s SAR Value.

What’s SAR Value?

Every electronic device is issued by a small amount of non-ionic radiation. Specific Absorbtion Rate is a SAR value which is absorbed by the body within a fixed time frame. The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has set up a SAR level of smartphones. It says that the phones with 1.6 W / Kg SAR level are the best.

How to find it

The SAR value of the phone is not very difficult to detect. It can be seen on the back of your phone. If not, you can find out if you search on the company’s website. Each company has the obligation to specify exactly what the SAR value of each of their phones is. There is another way to check this. That is the easiest. Dial * # 07 # from the phone. That’s all. You can see the SAR value of your phone.

How many or how long?

Less is always better. Phones below 1.6 W / Kg are good. In today’s days, the SAR value of many phones is between 0.5 and 0.6. So there’s no need to worry about this issue. There is also concern that the use of mobile phone can cause cancer.

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